Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zyflamend - Reviews & Brand Information

Concerns About Taking Zyflamend

This supplement is been on the market for years, and is manufactured by New Chapter health products. Swanson also distributes Zyflamend, and is a fairly noteworthy manufacture of health products. There are several different herbal supplements manufactured by New Chapter and distributed by Swanson. However, we cannot always select herbal supplements by brand alone. Some of the ingredients are familiar from other joint health supplements including turmeric extracts, ginger, and valerian root. These are usually taken for their antioxidant properties. However, other ingredients such as skullcap, and chamomile, may have undesired effects. Of course, the best way to determine the effects of these ingredients to talk to your doctor, but short of that, be sure to research them on your own. Chamomile is a good example of an ingredient which may have an undesired effect. Chamomile tea is often consumed in order to increase the feeling of sleepiness, and sometimes this feeling is not necessarily what people are looking for an anti-inflammatory drug. After all if it were only important to remove pain from inflammation at any cost, all manner of pain medications can be taken which also create a feeling of sleepiness. For most people, inflammation is fought in order to increase and not decrease activity.

Perhaps the most salient concern about Zyflamend is the possibility of ingredients which don't actually have any impact on joint care, or associated arthritis pain. The makers of Zyflamend have made all sorts of claims about the individual ingredients, and many of these claims seem to conflict with each other according to the actual effects Zyflamend. After all, there's no way that a joint care supplement will provide any immediate relief to pain unless it actually contains a pain reliever, which Zyflamend does not. Similar supplements may include caffeine or herbal stimulants in order to increase the feeling that something is happening.

So, the first thing to do is to take a look at the most proven ingredient, which is MSM, determine how much is there, and whether this is a good enough reason to take Zyflamend. The second step is to go to the list of herbal ingredients, especially those which are unfamiliar, one by one, and determine if any of these are likely to cause any negative side effects. Negative side effects could range from a serious allergic reaction to mild stomach discomfort. So, even though it will take some time, determining the likely effects of unfamiliar ingredients will be worth it in the long run.

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