Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Is Phosoplex Trustworthy?

The relative trustworthiness of a supplement like Phosoplex is often dependent on the marketing practices of the manufacturer. In this case the manufacturer relies entirely on the efforts of affiliate marketers, and the supplement is sold online. Also ,those who are considering purchasing Phosoplex should take into account the fact that the most needed information about Phosoplex is not easy to obtain. In general, affiliate marketers are the only ones who are able to offer a comprehensive list of ingredients, and this is a very bad sign where quality is concerned. Usually, any supplement which does not offer a complete supplement facts label on its website is not completely trustworthy, since there is no benchmark from which to determine the purity of the supplement itself. 

Many people believe that the FDA only test medicines. This is not true. The FDA is responsible for the general quality of food and drugs of the entire country, and randomly test many of the supplements which are available on shelves of retail pharmaceutical outlets. This is important for those considering Phosoplex, since Phosoplex is not offered on retail shelves. Phosoplex appears to be an upstanding product in the sense that it contains many of the ingredients are necessary for joint care, however the purity of the ingredients and the source of these ingredients are not listed. Phosoplex also contains some ingredients which are not tested ,and are basically unknown to science, including something called "Nexrutine" which is simply not explained by the makers of Phosoplex. A chemical formula would be a step in the right direction. So, whether or not you believe in the effectiveness of Phosoplex you're going to have to go through either the original Phosoplex website or through an affiliate marketer in order to purchase it. Down the line, many of these marketers and third parties sell Phosoplex or offer Phosoplex on Amazon or and these products may have passed the  expiration date, although such considerations are not likely to be influenced by the makers of Phosoplex, since they do not appear to have a good track record for fulfilling customer service requests. 

On a scale of 1 to 10 of trustworthiness, Phosoplex gets a four. Many of the ingredients are helpful for those who are suffering from chronic arthritis, or looking to prevent the development of such joint conditions, however the purity of these ingredients is impossible to determine because the supplements are only sold online. Furthermore, although these ingredients are listed by amount, other ingredients which are not described in detail are included, such as a proprietary chemical which is present at 250 mg.

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