Thursday, January 31, 2013

Knee Joint Pain

The knee joint pain conditions are those that are typically hindering the normal functions of the life of the person.  It may be quite simple at times, but at some point, it is a condition that may have debilitating effects on your daily life.  The knee pain is usually those conditions that are caused by several reasons.  For the injuries, the knee joint pain may be caused by the ligaments tearing.  These injuries happen when the person moves in quick rapid movements where the knees are not yet ready.  Diseases are also possible reasons for the knee joint pain, and common examples would be arthritis, bursitis and tumors.  

Some people will prefer to get the immediate reprieve from the knee joint pain with the use of the medications and drugs.  Typical examples would be the use of the pain killers and the anti-inflammatory medications.  Such are the treatments that will work on the sensations of the pain or perhaps reduce the swelling inside the joints that causes the pain.  For the knee joint pain caused by diseases, it is essential to work with the treatments that help remove the ailment and not just the pain itself.  The underlying cause of the pain must be treated before working to get rid of the knee Joint Pain.  

Typically, there are some people that will work to get the best results with the natural techniques and methods to treat the knee joint pain. The best way possible is to take a rest after a strenuous activity.  Switch to alternate activities that cause the lesser strain and effort like swimming instead of jogging, for example. Acute pain can also be avoided if you will stay off the feet for as long as possible. Ice packs are also a great way to reduce the knee joint pain. Apply the cold compress for at least 15 to 20 minutes every day.  

Compression of the knees will also work to certain degree. All you need to do is to wrap the elastic over the knee to help control the swelling. Do not tighten the elastic too much as this might prevent the proper flow of blood to the different areas. When you are sleeping, it would also be wise to elevate the knees to a certain angle and degree. This controls the knee joint pain and will prevent any swelling from worsening. Such are basic methods that could practically help a person deal with the acute pain on the knees, and typically, it would depend on the causes to get the best results.

JointEase - Reviews & Brand Information

Who Makes JointEase, and Are They Trustworthy?

Determining the trustworthiness of a maker of supplements can be difficult at best, and JointEase is no exception. The trustworthiness of the manufacture of JointEase is based entirely on whether or not they provide enough information to make a wise consumer choice about the product. This is certainly not the case. According to JointEase, the supplement itself only contains three separate ingredient. These are glucosamine, Indian frankincense, and devils claw. Since two of these are unproven herbal additives which have shown no improvement over placebo in large-scale clinical trials, it is difficult to suggest that these herbs are being sold on a trustworthy basis. In fact, it seems of the presence of glucosamine is only used to attract customers who do not have faith in unproven herbal remedies.

JointEase is manufactured by Native Remedies, which appears to be a purely online company. This product is offered through more than 20 online retailers, but does not appear to be available in any standard over-the-counter pharmaceutical outlets. This is not good news for JointEase or JointEase plus, because, although some customers are becoming more comfortable with buying their dietary supplements online it is much more difficult to determine the quality of supplements without simply trying them out. Even though there is a guarantee offered by Native Remedies for JointEase, there is no way to be sure that they will make good on this guarantee. After all, customers rarely go to the trouble to sue the company that simply fails to live up to the customer service guarantee. Lawsuits cost thousand of dollars, and, in this case, would not be likely to produce any viable results. 

So, suffice it to say that JointEase has the upper hand as far as the information that is available to consumers for buying products online. There is simply not very much good information on this website or available concerning clinical tests of this product. In fact, there is every reason to distrust statements by JointEase which have nothing to do with medical science. For example JointEase plus states that "Devil's Claw has been used for thousands of years by the Khoisan people of the Kalahari Desert to support healthy joints." This may very well be true, but it certainly does not establish any causal connection between devils claw and the actual improvement joint health. Of course, Native Remedies is not in the minority for offering misleading statements as public information, but the wise consumer knows that the reason for all this information is not to direct consumers to make healthy choices, but simply to direct them to buy the product--even out of confusion.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Joint Pain Cure : Pain Management Techniques

Pain has been defined scientifically as an unpleasant, emotional and sensory experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. To avail maximum joint pain cure, various different modes have been in practice with variable results. Most types of arthritis are associated with pain that can be divided into two general categories: acute and chronic. Acute pain is temporary. Chronic pain ranges from mild to severe, and can last weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime.

Chronic pain is a major health problem and is one of the most weakening effects of arthritis. Presentations may include inflammation (including joints, tendons and ligaments), muscle tension and strain, nerve damage (neuralgias) and fatigue. Pain medications given for joint pain cure serve to regain some level of comfort, but they do little to change the disease state. The amount of pain medication used must be controlled since there are known side effects.

Exercise can help in achieving considerable Joint Pain Cure. People with arthritis should always discuss exercise plans with their doctor. Some exercises may be off-limits for people with a particular type of arthritis or when joints are swollen and inflamed. Warm water therapy can decrease pain and stiffness. Exercising in a pool, swim spa, or hot tub may be easier because water takes some weight off painful joints. Some also find relief from the heat and movement provided by warm water exercise. However, it needs to be done only after your doctor allows, under supervision.

Massage therapy can hasten pain relief, soothe stiff sore muscles, and reduce inflammation and swelling. As muscle tension is relaxed and circulation is increased, pain is decreased. TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) utilizes low-voltage electrical stimulation to the nerves to block pain signals to the brain. 

Meditation and relaxation can ease muscle tension and help fight fatigue. Relaxation techniques may reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and sleeping problems. Deep breathing involves clearing the mind by breathing in and out, slowly, deeply, and rhythmically. Biofeedback uses a combination of relaxation, visualization, and signals from a machine to gain control of pain. As you are attached by electrodes to a machine, you are taught to control blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate, and temperature.

Joint Pain Cure management can include, body mechanics (learning to move the body in ways that do not increase pain), joint protection techniques, conserving energy (often by adapting daily activities), exercise (can reduce pain by increasing strength), relaxation techniques.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jointcare - Reviews & Brand Information

Where do I find Jointcare?

Jointcare is usually sold online, although can be found in many third-party retailers. Jointcare is available from, and may also be found on eBay. This is the case because it is manufactured primarily from ingredients found outside of the US. Jointcare is a vegetarian friendly product and thus cannot include substances which are obtained from animals. For example, glucosamine is manufactured from bones, bone marrow, and some forms of fungus. Although the fungal form of glucosamine is possible to manufacture, it is extremely expensive. Since this fungus is difficult to find and grow, and is much more difficult to control than renovate readily available sources of funds the bone marrow. If you're curious about where exactly glucosamine comes from, consider the ingredients in most gelatin to be a viable source. In order to grow healthy bones and healthy cartilage, the simple fact is that bones and cartilage must also be ingested, or you must go to great lengths to obtain alternate sources of glucosamine. 

The good news is that Jointcare it's easy to find. Jointcare is available from 10 different reputable outlets, including Swanson, although Jointcare is not manufactured by Swanson. The price of Jointcare ranges from $10-$15 although the cheapest online price of around $12 is available from The best way to compare prices is of course to include shipping. Occasionally some outlets offer free shipping, especially if they are purchased directly from the manufacturer. This may not be the case since Himalaya manufacturers are outside of the US. One disadvantage to buying Jointcare from a third-party online pharmaceutical retailers is the possibility of expired products. This is essential in the case of Jointcare, since the value of the product is primarily found in the freshness of the herbs themselves. 

In conclusion, although Jointcare is not available through stores like CVS and Walgreens, it is easy to find online and some shipping discounts are available. Considering the low price, Jointcare is relatively high-value product, as it covers all virtually all of the bases of herbal remedies, but excludes all ingredients which may be derived from animals. This is obviously very important to vegetarians and most vegetarians who are concerned about joint health will be glad to know that a supplement like Jointcare is easy to find relatively inexpensive.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Joint Pain Arthritis : Various Types and Their Features

Primary forms of joint pain arthritis include Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Septic arthritis, Gout and pseudo-gout, Juvenile idiopathic arthritis and Ankylosing spondylitis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It can affect both the larger and the smaller joints of the body, including the hands, feet, back, hip or knee. The disease is essentially one acquired from daily wear and tear of the joint, however, osteoarthritis can also occur as a result of injury. Osteoarthritis begins in the cartilage and eventually leads to the two opposing bones eroding into each other. More than 30 percent of females have some degree of osteoarthritis by age 65. 

Osteoarthritis, like rheumatoid arthritis, cannot be cured but one can prevent the condition from worsening. Weight loss is the key to improving symptoms and preventing progression. Physical therapy to strengthen muscles and joints is very helpful. Pain medications are widely required by individuals with joint pain arthritis. When the disease is far advanced and the pain is continuous, surgery may be an option. Unlike rheumatoid arthritis, joint replacement does help many individuals with osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disorder in which, for some unknown reason, the body's own immune system starts to attack body tissues. The attack is not only directed at the joint but at many other parts of the body. In this variant of joint pain arthritis, most damage occurs to the joint lining and cartilage which eventually results in erosion of two opposing bones. Rheumatoid arthritis affects joints in the fingers, wrists, knees and elbows. The drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis range from corticosteroids to monoclonal antibodies given intravenously. In rare cases, surgery may be required to replace joints but there is no cure for the illness.

Gout is caused by deposition of uric acid crystals in the joint, causing inflammation. There is also an uncommon form of gouty arthritis caused by the formation of rhomboid crystals of calcium pyrophosphate known as pseudogout. In the early stages, this form of joint pain arthritis usually occurs in one joint, but with time, it can occur in many joints and be quite crippling. The joints in gout can often become swollen and lose function.

Treatment options vary depending on the type of Joint Pain arthritis and include physical therapy, lifestyle changes (including exercise and weight control), orthopedic bracing, and medications. Joint replacement surgery may be required in eroding forms of joint pain arthritis. Medications can help reduce inflammation in the joint which decreases pain. Moreover, by decreasing inflammation, the joint damage may be slowed.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Joint Guard - Reviews & Brand Information

Who Makes Joint Guard, and Are They Trustworthy?

Let's take a look at the relative amount of trust that is engendered by the makers of Joint Guard, and whether or not this is a wise consumer decision, based purely on the practices of the makers. Joint Guard is manufactured by Met-Rx which is an extremely popular manufacture for joint care supplements. Met-Rx features a large line of products which are centered around the building of muscle and healthy joints. The main issue is that, because of this large line, there is occasionally decreased confidence in buyers that individual supplements are at the best possible supplement for individual needs. This is especially the case in the world of joint care and improving the health of joints based purely on the repair and growth of connective tissues, like cartilage. 

The good news is that this supplement is widely available in retail pharmaceutical outlets, which means that Joint Guard is subjected not only to the business requirements, but also the quality requirements of individual retailers. You may not find Met-Rx joint care at CVS or Walgreens, but you're very likely to find it in GNC nutrition centers, and at third-party online retailers. In fact, any health store which encourages an athletic clientele is very likely to carry Met-Rx Joint Guard. Met-Rx is a well-known brand, receiving most their purchases through the wholesale involvement of individual retailers. 

In conclusion, the widespread success of Met-Rx actually does speak to the quality of the individual product areas, although it may not be within the scope of this evidence to create a great deal of trust, in Met-Rx as a company. The success of this particular supplement usually speaks to the quality of each individual product. Take for example the fact that Joint Guard actually contains glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid which are widely considered to be the four corners of joint health for those who wish to continue to grow healthy connective tissues, and to prevent the spread of arthritis later on.

In conclusion, the general consensus is that Met-Rx is a trustworthy company, since it is not a scam in the traditional sense. Most health supplements which are sold online contain substandard ingredients, since there is no way for the FDA to test every supplement which is sold online. In the case of Joint Guard, retailers frequently offer support not only for the guarantees which are offered by the makers of a product, but also umbrella guarantees which cover every product in the store. This means that there are several lines of defense for the customer who may feel that they have been wronged by purchasing Joint Guard.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Glucosamine and Chondroitin: The Unambiguous Overview

There has been a continuous debate in the treatment of osteoarthritis about the use of the joint supplements glucosamine and chondroitin. Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes problems of wearing out of the normal smooth cartilage surfaces of the joints. Often called wear-and-tear arthritis, osteoarthritis causes Joint Pain, inflammation, swelling, deformity and joint destruction eventually. 

Glucosamine and chondroitin are two molecules that make up the type of cartilage found within body’s joints. Cartilage undergoes a steady process of breakdown and repair inside the joints. The scientific theory behind using the glucosamine and chondroitin joint supplements is that more of the cartilage building blocks will be available for cartilage repair in destructed and inflamed joints. Glucosamine is a precursor to a molecule called a glycosaminoglycan-this molecule is used in the formation and repair of cartilage. Chondroitin is the most abundant glycosaminoglycan in cartilage and is widely held responsible for the uncompromised resiliency of cartilage. 

Treatment with these joint supplements is based on the theory that oral consumption of glucosamine and chondroitin is responsible for increasing the rate of formation of new cartilage by providing more of the necessary building blocks. However, oral consumption of glucosamine and chondroitin has not been shown to alter the availability of these cartilage building blocks inside an arthritic joint. In various studies, it has not been shown that consumption of joint supplements increases the quantity of these cartilage building blocks within any joint. 

There have been numerous studies to examine the treatment effects of glucosamine and chondroitin over short periods of time. Most of these studies last only one to two months; however, they have indicated that patients experienced more pain reduction when taking glucosamine and chondroitin than patients receiving a placebo and the improvement in pain was almost comparable with tradional prescription based analgesic drugs.

The joint supplements glucosamine and chondroitin have few side effects which can further be minimized if used judiciously in discussion with your doctor. Furthermore, there is an indication that NSAIDs may increase the progression of arthritis, whereas glucosamine and chondroitin may offer a more protective effect to the cartilage surface. There have been some recent studies that are focusing on the two primary problems of earlier studies into the supplements glucosamine and chondroitin, which are incorporating more patients in the study and following these patients for a longer period of time.

The results of studies investigating glucosamine and chondroitin have been encouraging, but have not passed the test of a well-designed study to be accepted into the primary treatment plan for osteoarthritis. Ultimately, what patients should understand, is that Glucosamine and Chondroitin have shown encouraging evidence that these supplements can provide help with treating osteoarthritis and the future scope seems bright if their efficacy is ultimately proven in large scale, well standardized scientific studies.

Cosamin - Reviews & Brand Information

How does Cosamin work?

Cosamin is a nutrition supplement. Cosamin does not contain vitamins, but it does contain a significant profile of fatty acids delivered in the form of avocados and soybean. Remember that there is a big difference between nutrients and vitamins, and that fatty acids fall under the nutrients category. Nutrients are something the body needs in order to create all sorts of tissues, while vitamins are necessary for such construction only in very small amounts. Nutrients are needed in much larger amounts, and are usually obtained through diet. Therefore, Cosamin works by supplementing a diet which already includes several fatty acids, but may not include a complete fatty acid profile. Cosamin also supplements the ingestion of glucosamine and chondroitin, in order to provide the body what it needs to develop not only connective tissues, but the ability to repair cartilaginous damage which occurs around the joints as a result of daily use.

So, what happens after taking Cosamin? Usually actual results will not be felt until glucosamine and chondroitin have been consumed for weeks or possibly months. Although there may be some immediate sensation with the ingestion of fatty acids, if the diet does not include them at all, the ingestion of glucosamine and chondroitin will not cause any any affect which is immediately felt. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to measure the perceived improvement of taking a supplement like Cosamin. This supplement contains nutrients which should already be included in the diet, and a dietary supplement like this supplement should only be taken if there is some doubt as to whether not enough cartilaginous tissues are already included in the diet. This can be a serious concern for vegetarians, or those who have specific reason to believe that they are not receiving enough glucosamine or  chondroitin in their diets already.

Shoppers who look for glucosamine and chondroitin supplements will be pleased that Cosamin also contains antioxidants in the form of green tea, avocados, and soybeans which are also included to provide a better fatty acid profile. Antioxidants are a preventive measure, and, unfortunately, will not create any immediate relief from pain. The purpose of antioxidants is to prevent oxidative damage, in order to prevent unnecessary inflammation. Toxins in the bloodstream, which are commonly referred to as free radicals, cause inflammation in cases where there is actually no injury. Although there is no direct health threat from inflammation, it does cause pain, and these indirect symptoms are frequently diagnosed as arthritis. So, taking a regular battery of antioxidants from varied sources may prevent some cases uncontrolled inflammation. In the case of products like this supplement, it is unlikely that a small amount of green tea will eliminate all of the toxins in the blood stream, or create any kind of immediate effect. Still, as far as such supplements go, Cosamin includes all the main ingredients of joint care in support the growth of connective tissues.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Natural ingredients of common joint pain supplements

To battle joint pain, a lot of natural options are practiced worldwide. The better natural supplements should incorporate many of the natural substances our bodies already produce and help lubricate our joints. As we get older our bodies simply need to have these substances replenished and the natural sources should be able to do that efficiently. It makes sense to understand we need to restore our body’s natural processes that have been compromised leading to development of joints pain. However, in severe cases these regimens should not be opted sporadically. You must always consult your doctor before opting to consume any of the available natural substances to help with your Joint Pain.

There are a lot of products out there in the market, potency and efficacy of most have them has been questionable. Certain products believed to be better than the others in the role of effective joint pain supplements are listed below.

  • Glucosamine Sulfate: A naturally occurring substance found in the connective tissue of body. It is in the synovial fluid that is around joints. Usually found in the shells of shellfish, and also made in the laboratory. Many oral pill formulations are present in the market and doctors have been prescribing them for years now.
  • Bromelain: Another anti-inflammatory may help with mild pain associated with osteoarthritis. It is an enzyme found naturally in the juice and stems of pineapples. It is widely marketed today and is one of the largest prescribed compounds amongst the natural options available.
  • Bovine Cartilage: Cartilage is what helps provide support for your body’s structure by providing chemical for the rebuilding process. Bovine cartilage comes from cows and many formulations exist in the market in different strengths.
  • Boswellia Extract: It is an anti-inflammatory that is used to ease joint pain such as without the side effects of the allopathic pain killers. It was used primarily by herbalists for its long standing reputation to treat the symptoms of arthritis.
  • Calcium: An adequate amount of calcium is necessary for the replenishment of lost matrix of bone especially in the patients suffering from mineral bone disease, osteoporosis etc.
  • Chondroitin: Chondroitin sulfate is part of a protein molecule that helps give cartilage its elastic properties and is thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, chondroitin sulfate may also help slow the breakdown of cartilage and help restore cartilage growth to better cushion the joints.

It is prudent enough to believe if we can continue to fortify the body’s natural healing system, then we can achieve more long term natural joint pain relief. For short term pain relief, allopathic counterparts have no established replacement. It is important to note that no defined scientific large scale study has been conducted ever on these compounds. As they are not associated with any potent side effect, their usage has been increasingly growing as preferred Joint pain supplements in a large variety of commercially available preparations.

Arthri-Flex - Reviews & Brand Information

Who Makes Arthri-Flex, and Where Can I Buy It? 

Arthri-Flex is made by a company called 21st century. One convenient thing about Arthri-Flex is that it is available in all sorts retail stores. In fact, the label will be particularly familiar to those who shop at Walgreens and CVS.  There is a clear list of retailers on the Arthri-Flex website which includes Kmart, Kroger, and a variety of other popular retailers. Arthri-Flex may be purchased wherever other supplements are sold, including online. and eBay both offer Arthri-Flex, although there may be an additional cost for shipping, or perhaps additional discounts due to bulk purchases.

Actually selling in retail stores says a great deal for the quality of the quality of the ingredients in Arthri-Flex. Although retail stores do not individually test ingredients, they are less likely to carry supplements which have been pursued in court or found by the FDA to not include the ingredients which are listed in the supplement facts. Just because you read it on a label does not make it true.

Always pay special attention to the supplement facts on supplements like Arthri-Flex, because the supplements often contain a proprietary blend where the individual amounts of ingredients are not listed. In the case of Arthri-Flex, we're looking at a proprietary blend of "Flexicol" which weighs in at 40 mg. This is an extremely small amount for this kind of supplement, although many of the herbs contained in the proprietary blend are considered to be somewhat potent. Boswellia extract, grapeseed extract, and white willow bark extract are all crammed into 40 mg. Frankly, this proprietary blend probably has no effect at all on joint health, or the level of pain experienced by those who take Arthri-Flex in order to prevent arthritis, or in order to treat any kind of joint pain. Consider the enormous doses of glucosamine and MSM, both at 1500 mg. Most people are shocked at the size of these pills. The dosage here means that patrons have to take four pills every day. Since the effects of these enormous doses are not felt, how could an herbal ingredient at 40 mg which has not been proven create any effect at all?

In conclusion, despite the fact that Arthri-Flex is found in stores, there are some concerns as to the ingredients, many of which seem to be included simply as tools of marketing. It is basically unlikely that "premium chicken sternum" will have any positive effect on the pain experienced by sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, or other more serious forms of arthritis. This pain can be extremely severe and, even if glucosamine and MSM and chondroitin were to work to relieve suffering, the kind of improvement which is required by these individuals requires greatly improving the immune system, which is simply not offered by supplement like Arthri-Flex.

Natural Pain Relief

There are many reasons why a person will suffer pain, and it might be because of injuries or perhaps diseases that affect the persons’ sensations and emotions.  To get the best natural pain relief treatments, you have to understand the basic about pain.  This is the process that will bring about the best solutions that will resolve the issues of pain.  It is important to remember that the Natural Pain Relief remedies must understand the history of the pain.  It must analyze the intensity, the regularity, the duration and the factors that might have led to the aggravation of the conditions.  The management of pain is the main intention of such areas and sectors.  

There are two basic types of pain, and you need to know these areas in order for the natural pain relief treatments to work.  The first type is referred to as the nociceptive pain that is usually focused on the source of pain that is caused by a certain injury that is felt and seen.  This is the type of injury that one can easily identify as to where it is and how it can be dealt with.  The second is considered as the neuropathic types of condition, and this is the pain where one can feel it but cannot identify where it is coming from.  All the body knows is there is an injury, and there is a need to get the best Natural Pain Relief treatments.  

There are so many alternative you can take to cure such pain.  Most will prefer the safer way when they are unable to properly identify the areas that are in pain.  Aromatherapy is a system of the Natural Pain Relief methods that works to change the sensations and signals that are sent to the brain by the use of the essential oils.  Technically, this is the method that works with the sense of smell to get the natural pain relief techniques working.  

Other ideas for alternative treatments for the natural pain relief will also involve the use of the techniques that are outside the box such as the acupuncture and yoga.  These are methods that work with a certain belief that will involve mind over matter.  Acupuncture uses the beliefs that for the imbalances that are in the body, it needs to be released with the help of the natural pain relief process.  Nevertheless, before you proceed with all these methods for the Natural Pain Relief  it would be wise to have the directions to be directly from the doctor to avoid the complications.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Arthritis Pain Relief

The rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that has no known cure.  There many treatments that will lead to the arthritis pain relief, but technically there are no medications that will totally remove the presence of the disease from the body.  As much as there are others who want to bring in a definite resolution and get the permanent arthritis pain relief, there will be none in the market.  The main intention of the Arthritis pain relief medications is not to just bring in about a release of the pain.  Instead, it is also meant to bring in a decrease to the overall inflammation of the joints.

The optimal treatments that will bring in Arthritis Pain Relief are usually a combination of several methods and techniques.  Often, as the patient will want to get the strongest arthritis pain relief medication, it will be one that works to give you better movements.  There are generally two classes of the arthritis pain relief medications in the market, and these drugs are the fast acting or first in-line medications and the slow acting or second in-line drugs.  The first types will promote the arthritis pain relief and reduction of inflammation while the second type works to get the disease under remission and will stop the destruction of the joints.  

The first in-line medications for the arthritis pain relief are those referred to as the NSAIDS or the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  These medications for the arthritis pain relief work generally to give the reduction on the pain, the inflammation and the swellings in the joints.  One of the medications that belong to this group is Aspirin.  However, to be effective Arthritis Pain Relief as this must be taken in high amounts of dosage to have an effect in reducing the pain.  Some of the side effects that are that noted to be from the use of the NSAIDS include the ulcer and stomach acid.  

DMARDS or the disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs are considered to be the second in-line medications.  These treatments are more than just the typical arthritis pain relief medications.  These are those drugs that will work against the progress of the immune system in attacking tissues, which often leads to the rheumatoid arthritis.  Immunosuppressive medications are also a term that is applied for these Arthritis Pain Relief drugs.  It works to suppress the action of the immune system, which prevents it from giving pain to the person.  However, the suppression of the system may make you susceptible to other diseases and infections.

Arthri-D - Reviews & Brand Information

Does Arthri-D Work?

Anyone who has ever purchased a vacuum cleaner from a door-to-door salesman knows that the last person you should trust for information is the person who makes the product. In the case of Arthri-D, there are quite a few misleading testimonials which should be taken into account before purchasing Arthri-D. The best approach for supplements like these is to go through the ingredient list, one by one, and to determine if any of these ingredients have real scientific evidence backing the claims of the manufacturer.

We can't go through all of the ingredients here, but what we can do is cover the major theories behind Arthri-D. Many of these theories are presented by similar supplements with pseudo-medical jargon, which is very difficult for many consumers to decipher. In fact, in a state of confusion, many customers are more likely to make an impulse buy, and to believe things like outrageous testimonials claims. Because these consumers are concerned for their health, they're willing to take any leap of logic in order to create a possible benefit, or to relieve extreme pain.

So, does Arthri-D do anything which will accomplish the relief of extreme pain? In short, no. It is true that Arthri-D contains an undisclosed amount of both glucosamine and chondroitin, and these have been connected to a growth of cartilage in some clinical tests. In some cases, a lack of cartilage can lead to general joint pain and inflammation, which contribute to arthritis. Arthri-D also claims to relieve inflammation by including ingredients such as green lipped mussel which contains omega-3. Although omega-3 has been connected to the relief of inflammation, the amount contained in Arthri-D is not likely to make any change.

Arthri-D may do some good if it actually communicates glucosamine and chondroitin across the digestive barrier. Many consumers are not aware that substances such as glucosamine and chondroitin only have a 20% bioavailability which means that 80% of the material which is paid for and digested is not actually used in the blood stream. In order to be sure that you are even digesting enough of the substances, you have to take huge amounts. Many sufferers are curious about why this is necessary, since it doesn't seem to be a part of the normal diet. Since there is some science behind taking glucosamine and chondroitin, and since these substances are contained within Arthri-D, although the amount was not disclosed, it is certainly possible that there may be some improvement in the health joints over time. However, this small improvement may not actually create a noticeable change in the levels of pain experienced on a day-to-day basis.