Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lyprinol - Reviews & Brand Information

How does Lyprinol work?

In order to answer the question of whether or not this brand of joint care pills works, we need to understand what exactly is expected of taking Lyprinol. Stories from consumer to consumer generally land in the category of eliminating pain. Whether or not this supplement actually eliminates aches and pains for most adults depends on the particular circumstances for symptoms.

The function of Lyprinol depends on the delivery of green lipped mussel and olive oil, which are the primary ingredients of Lyprinol. These ingredients are meant to deliver a particular fatty acid profile (balanced in omega fats) which encourages the growth of connective tissues. Whether or not this occurs in adults depends on whether individuals are already taking a healthy profile of fatty acids. If the fatty acid supplement is already being taken, chances are that users of Lyprinol are only benefiting from one compound which exclusively found in green lipped mussel. One way to avoid taking an exclusive ingredient supplement like Lyprinol is to find other supplements which also delivers some small amount of green lipped mussel. Since this polysaccharide, which contributes to the growth of connective tissue is found in any amount of green lipped mussel, there may be no reason to take large amounts such as those included Lyprinol.

So, Lyprinol works simply because it delivers nutrients which are necessary to the growth of cartilage, tendons, and some isolated muscle tissues. Although a particular compound is found in green lipped mussel which is not found in other ingredients like common fish oil, the actual effects of this compound may not be dramatic, and are certainly not reason to believe that taking Lyprinol will eliminate all sorts of aches and pains, as the testimonials state. 


Pay special attention and use a critical eye when reading testimonials that are presented on affiliate sites, since they may describe a function of Lyprinol which does not exist. There is likely to be no immediate relief of pain when taking Lyprinol. In fact, it could take several weeks or several months for the fatty acids contained in green lipped mussel to have any effect on the connective tissues of the body. Furthermore, any relief from pain will not be associated with the ingestion of Lyprinol, but rather with the slow development of healthy connective tissues. A diet which contains a managed profile of omega fats will likely have the same effect as taking Lyprinol.

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