Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fluidjoint - Reviews & Brand Information

Who Makes Fluidjoint, And Can I Trust Them?

Fluidjoint is made by a company called Patent Health and is located in Canton, Ohio. There do not appear to be any major lawsuits against the company. This is likely because this product does not contain ingredients which are usually found in other supplements. Fluidjoint is certainly a unique formula as it supposedly involves a patented process of producing milk proteins in order to deliver what Fluidjoint calls "micro-nutrients." For most consumers, the question of whether not to trust Fluidjoint boils down to whether or not this patented process is something which should be trusted in itself.

Most consumers find it difficult to trust Fluidjoint, because the supplement facts clearly indicate that  there are only few ingredients. The main ingredient is milk proteins, and many adults get plenty of milk proteins already, or in fact too many. The question of whether not milk proteins would created a noticeable reduction in pain for those who suffer from arthritis boils down also to a few very simple  issues. In general, Fluidjoint appears to be a product which is relatively easy to manufacture, even though there is a patented process. The presence of a patent generally causes confusion, or the processes so complicated that it cannot be reproduced by others. Actually, other supplements would have no reason to include this process, since there is no evidence that milk proteins will go a long way towards developing connective tissues in fully grown adults. For growing children, the presence of nutrients in milk obviously contributes to the growth of connective tissues as does all nutrition. However, for adults, there are no special proteins which are contained in milk that will increase the rate at which connective tissues are grown.

In conclusion, there are a basic reasons to mistrust Fluidjoint, but there are also no good reasons to trust them either. Fluidjoint does not appear to contain any ingredients which are really in demand by the public or any ingredients which have been shown by large-scale clinical trials to change the connective tissue or improve the status of anyone with a serious arthritic condition. One thing is sure: serious joint problems and major joint pain are not going to be solved simply by taking a formula's concentrated milk proteins, whether it is patented or not. Most of these reason for avoiding suplements like center around the basic practices of the company itself, and the predictable marketing pattern of supplements which claim to have "the" solution to huge problems like joint pain and arthritis. The best advice for similar supplements is to beware of not only misinformation, but correct information which is misused.

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