Friday, February 1, 2013

Joint Advance - Reviews & Brand Information

Who Makes Joint Advance, and Are They Trustworthy?
Joint Advance claims to be supported by the Natural Products Association, which appears to have been in business for over 75 years, wand makes a claim that the company was founded in 2002. That this is one of the first points Joint Advance makes about its supplement indicates that Joint Advance places a great deal of importance in the reputation of a longstanding business. For internet sales, ten years is an eternity.

In general, it is difficult to tell how many of the accolades and labels which are attached to Joint Advance are actually genuine. The best way to find out whether or not Joint Advance is a trustworthy company is to look directly at the ingredients, and examine the publicly available information for scientifically rigorous evidence that the ingredients work. Since most of the ingredients in Joint Advance are supported by science, including glucosamine and chondroitin, and MSM, it is very likely that Joint Advance is at least attempting to solve joint pain problem from a trustworthy stance.

One point in favor of Joint Advance is the relative simplicity of this product. Joint Advance only contains two herbal ingredients which are not supported by large-scale clinical trials. These ingredients are also not contained within a proprietary blend which confuses customers, but are listed simply and outright with the amounts of each herbal additive listed precisely. Joint Advance believes that simplicity is the best way to approach the dietary supplement issue of how to encourage the growth of healthy connective tissue. Remember that, just because some of the ingredients of the supplement may encourage connective tissue growth, does not mean the slideshow open a pain. In most cases, it takes years of therapy and healthy diet in order to encourage enough healthy joint growth to eliminate inflammation. Usually people do not recover from chronic arthritis--that's why it's called chronic. After all, if there were a medical solution to arthritis, then it would certainly be publicly known.

In conclusion, this supplement offers such a simple product that it is very likely the manufacturers have the best interest of consumers at heart. This is not to say that Joint Advance is not a business, as it obviously encourages an affiliate pyramid. This supplement engages in many marketing practices which do not favor the consumer, but the product itself seems to include some basically pure ingredients which do contribute to general joint health.

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