Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Renewin : Dubious Claims And Marketing Methods

Renewin is offered via infomercial and is sold at pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreen’s. Since Renewin is sold over-the-counter, it is very likely that Renewin's guarantees will be supported by the vendors themselves. Large-scale retailers are likely to honor guarantees, where online vendors may fall behind. Often, online vendors and affiliate sources are simply not able to honor claims and guarantees at the level of brick and mortar retailers, so this is a point in Renewin's favor.

One of the best ways to determine the validity of the claims made by herbal or nutrient supplements is to take a quick look at the way in which is marketed. Anyone who visits the home side of Renewin will immediately notice that there is very little information available. A copy of the label is not offered in a printed or readable form. Third-party sources such as GNC may offer some labels over their website, but sometimes these labels are simply not readable. The list of Renewin ingredients is found on the website of third-party providers. However, these ingredients are not specifically listed in amount, and do not include the non-active ingredients.

So, we are left wondering how Renewin accomplishes its claims, and how these claims are actually indicated per ingredient. The good news is that Renewin does not make any outrageous claims for their herbal supplement, simply stating that Renewin is one of the few herbal supplements which is indicated for joint relief and to increase a feeling of energy. Since Renewin contains green tea extract and white tea leaf extract, it is very likely to provide an increase in energy. Also, glucosamine and chondroitin are widely accepted nutrients required for cartilage growth, and ingesting them on a daily basis has proven to increase the rate at which cartilage is grown, and therefore decrease joint pain over time. So, for the two major claims of this brand, there is no reason to doubt that if this product is taken for at least 60 days, there will be some noticeable increase in joint health and the perceived level of energy. 

Final Note

Always remember to pay special attention to the ingredients, once this product is purchased, as the range of variation in amounts from ingredient ingredient can show a lack of purity in the supplement itself. Since Renewin is sold over-the-counter, it is periodically tested by the FDA, and Renewin has been available as a joint of energy supplement for some time, giving the government and private testers plenty of opportunity to test the purity of their sources. In favor of this supplement, there have been no lawsuits recorded which claims that Renewin in does not fulfill its part of the bargain.

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