Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pain Relief from Arthritis

When you need to have the pain relief from arthritis, you need to think about the type of condition you have.  There are two major types of arthritis diseases, and these are the osteoarthritis and the rheumatoid arthritis.  Of these two, the condition of the OA or osteoarthritis seems to be one condition you can work with better.  While the actual causes of the OA is not yet proven and sure, there are still some factors you need to take note of in order to get the best pain relief from arthritis.  Otherwise, the medications you will be using will be worthless as it will not affect you in any way.

One of the first factors that will matter with the medications to get pain relief from arthritis is age.  When a person age with time, the cushions or the cartilages will often become thin, and will lead to the wear and tear that leads to the condition.  Nevertheless, it is important to remember that there are others that do not technically suffer from these ailments, and will not have the need for the medications to get pain relief from arthritis.  For those that have done plenty of physical labor in their lifetimes, it is more likely they will be the ones suffering from the condition more.

Obesity is another factor for the occurrence of the disease.  If one needs pain relief from arthritis, it would be more possible to work with the weight issues.  As a matter of fact, weight is also a reason for the presence of osteoarthritis in the person.  The knees are the parts of the body that carry the most weight, and will be the body parts that will be in need of stronger pain relief from arthritis.  Studies have shown that for every pound you add to your weight, you will have an additional four pounds of pressure onto the knees.

Genetics also play a major role in the factors that lead to the appearance of the disease.  For those that have ancestors or relatives that have the OA, they have a higher probability of needing the pain relief from arthritis.  Bone abnormalities are also conditions that are sometimes inherited and will add a basis for the presence of the pain relief from arthritis medications.  Joints that are not smoothly joined will also have some problems with the Osteoarthritis.  Basically, the conditions of the overall body will depend on these factors and how the body will react to the medications that will get you pain relief from arthritis.

Lyprinol Reviewed – How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

What are the ingredients of Lyprinol?

There's no doubt that many herbal supplements contain so many different herbs that it seems impossible to keep track of them all, and sometimes there is a placebo effect associated with taking herbs where no particular indication has been shown. It's refreshing to occasionally see an herbal product or supplement which only contains a few ingredients. In the case of Lyprinol, this is only one ingredient: "green lipped mussel." For joint-health 
oriented or fatty acid conscious customers, green lipped mussel is a familiar ingredient. Green lipped mussel is primarily harvested around New Zealand and this the location where Lyprinol is manufactured. New Zealand is favored for its relatively clear waters, where many sources of fatty acids are harvested. Those who are familiar with the general concerns of fatty acids, and toxic contamination via pollution, will favor New Zealand as a source for their green lipped mussel ingredients.

The question of whether or not green lipped mussel is effective in providing for the indications of Lyprinol depends on exactly what the indications are. For most people, the introduction of the proper amount of omega-3, omega-6, or other fatty acid will cover the bases for many issues related to inflammation. Of course, for those suffering from serious arthritis or inflammation associated issues, the presence of fatty acids in Lyprinol may 
not be enough to actually control the inflammation, as arthritis is caused by the inability to regulate inflammation by the autoimmune system. For most people, fatty acids are being ingested on a regular basis, and there's no reason to take a supplement like Lyprinol because the addition of green lipped mussel will not significantly add to the ingestion of fatty acids.

Most consumers of Lyprinol supplement their diet with green lipped mussel in order to provide a unique combination of fatty acids which are particularly effective in growing connective tissues, including cartilage, tendon, and ligaments. The degradation of these tissues ultimately lead to the inflammation that is associated with different types of arthritis. The ingestion of green lipped mussel via Lyprinol and a wide variety of fatty acids certainly does contribute to joint health and the development of connective tissues. Whether or not the fatty acids in Lyprinol are available in a typically healthy diet which includes all necessary nutrients and vitamins is up to debate. However, there appears to be no specific harm in digesting fatty acids in the form of green lipped mussel as aquatic forms of fatty acids are usually quite balanced, and green lipped mussel has been shown to contribute to the growth  and repair of connective tissues.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pain Relief for Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is considered as one of the major types of arthritis that affects the body.  It is the condition where it is found to be an autoimmune disease that will cause the chronic inflammation of the joints.  This is the disease that can also lead to the inflammation of the tissues that are surrounding the joints.  To get the pain relief for arthritis of this type, you have to consult the doctor as any self-diagnosed treatments can be potentially dangerous for the body. As an autoimmune disease, it is further noted you have to get the ideal pain relief for arthritis medications that really works.

Generally, it is not yet understood why the immune system acts in such a way that leads to the rheumatoid arthritis.  The immune system is seen as the organ that must work to give the body of the person the protection and the shield from the infections and bacteria it comes into contact with.  Hence, it is a mystery why it would attack the tissues that are found inside.  Eventually, the attacked areas will get inflamed and will lead to the attacks that will need the pain relief for arthritis medications.  These medications that will lead to the pain relief for arthritis will mean a reprieve from the discomfort that so many people are suffering from.

The basic treatment for the RA or rheumatoid arthritis is a mix of different drugs that will bring in the much needed pain relief for arthritis.  The NSAIDs or the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are considered as the most common types of medications you can have for it.  Typical medications needed pain relief for arthritis includes the over the counter drugs such as Ibuprofen and naproxen sodium.  For those that require prescriptions, these are the medications helping in the pain relief for arthritis that may come with habitual addictions that is detrimental to the overall health of the person.

One of the new drugs that are thought not only to bring pain relief for arthritis, but will slow down the progress of the RA is the DMARDS or the disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs.  This is the medication that will target the immune system and will suppress it to a certain level that prevents it from harming the tissues that are inside the body.  The biggest issue you have to face with this medication that helps in the pain relief for arthritis is the fact that it does not have selective targets.  This means it weakens the entire immune system and makes you susceptible to diseases and other infections.

Friday, March 15, 2013

JointEase Reviewed – How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

JointEase : What Are The Downsides of Taking JointEase?

There are a few obvious downsides to taking JointEase. Probably the most significant is that it definitely will not work, excepting the ingredient glucosamine. This is not to say that enough large-scale clinical trials have been conducted on Devils claw and Indian frankincense in order to definitely conclude they have no effect, but simply that not enough of the substances make it through the digestive process in order to cause any effect in the joints. Even if herbal remedies contained in JointEase are taken for several months, or even several years, it is unlikely that JointEase would cause measurable changes the amount of damage experienced from joint difficulties associated with arthritis or strenuous athletic activity and injury.

In addition, there are some potentially serious complications associated with allergies to Indian frankincense and devils claw, found in JointEase. Since most people do not ingest these substances on a daily basis, it is not likely that somebody who has a serious allergy to either of these herbal remedies would be aware of this allergy, until they had taken this particular herbal supplement. JointEase, a relatively simple product, only has three active ingredients: glucosamine, Indian frankincense, and devils claw. None of these appears to have any serious side effects if we remove the possibility of allergic reaction. However, a major downside of taking this particular supplement is that it is basically a waste of money. Other supplements not only include glucosamine, but also chondroitin and MSM, which are equally associated with improvements in joint health. Note that none of these three have been definitively proven to create an advantage over placebo. However, they to show a small amount of improvement in some studies. 

Another problem with taking a glucosamine supplement is the possibility of developing kidney stones over time. The best way to avoid this particular problem is to drink plenty of water, and to consider taking a smaller dose of glucosamine. One downside of taking JointEase is also that the amount associated with each of the ingredients is simply not available in the public information. It is not clear that a complete supplement facts label is even included with the JointEase product. For some reason, JointEase has seen fit not to follow the same best practices as other companies, even herbal and health supplements which are sold online. Certainly, if JointEase were are sold in stores, the JointEase company would hopefully see fit to include a complete label. Of course, this may explain why JointEase is not found over-the-counter in stores like Walgreens or CVS.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pain Relief Back

The pain relief back treatment is for those that suffer from continuous and chronic discomfort that are often debilitating their personal lives.  While there are certain conditions that exist for the cause of the condition, they are generally classified into three major categories as to why the pain relief back treatment is needed.  To have the basis for the condition, it means that you will be taking the proper pain relief back treatments that could potentially reduce the amount of discomfort you are suffering from the pain.

One of the primary reasons that the pain relief back solution is needed is because of the strains and the sprains that the back suffers from.  Usually, when a person tears up the ligaments because of putting too much pressure on the back are some of the reasons you will need the pain relief back medication.  The sprain is the typical description for the tearing of the ligaments that are in the back.  On the other hand, the strain is a condition where the muscles and the tendons will become affected with discomfort.  These are two conditions that occur on those people that stretch the muscles and the ligaments more quickly than normal.

The second type of condition for the use of the pain relief back treatments when there is poor posture and the muscle imbalance at the back.  This would occur when the body will experience a certain level of imbalance on the muscles.  Usually, this would happen when the tissues of the muscles are underused, overused or perhaps losing the ability to function normally.  In a way, the pain relief back medication must work in tandem with the imbalance to help repair the damaged areas and portions of the tissues.  Bad posture is when a person gets to stay in a single position for a time, and limits his movements.

A third classification that has been considered by many for the pain relief back treatments is the diseases and the ailments.  An example that would be included in this classification is the ankylosing spondylitis, which is that condition where the spinal joints will have inflamed portions.  In a way, this is a condition that can lead to one of the most painful joint and bon ailments, which is osteoarthritis.  Another painful condition that is in need of the pain relief back solution is referred to as sciatica.  This is the nerve pain that reaches from the sciatic nerve that runs from the spine through the back and down to the buttocks.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jointcare Reviewed – How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

What are the Ingredients of Jointcare?

Even a cursory look at the ingredients Jointcare will cause some to choose another supplement. Most of the ingredients of Jointcare are herbs that experienced supplement shoppers have never heard of. While this may cause some sufferers from joint pain, athletes, and anyone else who seeks intensive joint relief to look for another supplement, the target audience of Jointcare is actually vegetarians. Vegetarians find themselves at a 
serious disadvantage when it comes ingesting the ingredients are necessary for proper joint health. Consider the fact that not only is the housing of pills generally inclusive of gelatin and other foodstuffs obtained from animals, but also the the ingredients of most joint supplements are obtained from animals.

The ingredients of Jointcare should be divided into two major groups. Firstly, there is the group of easily recognizable antioxidant herbs. These include Tribulus, licorice, and Indian Frankincense. These herbs are ingested as a measure against the oxidative affects of long term exposure to toxins in the atmosphere, or in food eaten on a regular basis. Vegetarians looking for a supplement like Jointcare will be glad to see that oxidative needs are being met, while others may be disappointed in the second group: Guggul and tinospora are also included in Jointcare, although these herbs seem to have no specific effect on joints, or provide any antioxidant effects. 

There is some anecdotal evidence to support that these herbs will result in decreased pain, but, for the most part, it is unlikely that Jointcare will have a noticeable effect on joint pain or joint health in general, unless antioxidants are taken for several years. Even then, the effects of Jointcare may not be noticeable, as the body's ability to manage inflammation naturally decreases over time. Nothing will eliminate this process short of a complete cure for arthritis. In the meantime, however, there's nothing specifically wrong with taking Jointcare, except that cheaper antioxidants may be found elsewhere. although Jointcare is relatively inexpensive, the specific amounts the ingredients are not listed. This causes concern for a lot of people who are focused on getting some kind of value out of a particular product. All the ingredients for Jointcare listed under a proprietary herbal extracts blend which is listed at 1.5 g but none of the milligrams which for each of ingredients are included.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Natural Pain Relief

Pain is a sensation that is often debilitating for some people.  In fact, there are some that have taken drastic steps like surgery just to get rid or at least ease the pain they have to go through.  Usually, the pain is caused by certain elements in the body the sends the sensations to the brain.  Thus, at some point, these victims of physical pain are in need of the remedies that will alleviate the attacks when it happens.  For those that want to use the natural pain relief methods, there are alternative solutions they can think about.  The magnet therapy is considered as a natural pain relief, but is thought about by many as an eccentric method.

Alternative practitioners prefer to use the natural pain relief methods as these are those that are actually safer.  The magnet methods for the pain are considered to be easy to handle and deal with.  The basic concept of this natural is that the magnets are those tools that will help the capillary walls expand and relax.  Hence, when it opens up the walls, it allows the blood to flow freely.  In addition, the muscles spasms that are the cause of many pain ailments are also reduced by the magnets that are held against the skin.

These magnets must be applied directly onto the skin to get the best natural pain relief.  There are others that will use the bandages or adhesives to attach these magnets directly to the area where the pain is present.  When the pain seems to be the same after a few days of application, you need to reposition the tool over the next acupuncture point.  It is important to remember that every person will react differently from the use of this natural pain relief method.   If the cases of the pain attacks do not diminish in 30 days or less, then it is most probably never going to work.

Some of the typical natural pain relief that use the magnets can be applied in various scenarios and products.  For those that have aching feet every day, they can have the magnets attached to the insoles of the shoes.  This is a great way to relieve the pressure and the pain from the excessive standing on the feet all day long.  Arthritis is another condition that can also benefit from this natural pain relief technique.  Magnetic wrists bands are suggested for these types of pain as this can help in the reduction of the pain.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Joint Guard Reviewed – How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

Joint Guard : What Are The Downsides of Taking Joint Guard?

There are a few obvious downsides for taking Joint Guard. The first is the possibility of allergic reactions to many of the ingredients which are common in joint supplements. Joint Guard contains both glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin, which has been associated with allergic reactions in some individuals. Omega-3 fatty acids are relatively safe, but are not usually found that most joint support supplements, which are not explicitly fatty acid supplements. Fatty acid supplements are usually used in order to aid a diet which is lacking in fatty fish. Omega-6 and Omega-9 "supplements" are usually completely unnecessary, since most adults have plenty of oil which yields Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. So, one basic downside is that 
too many Omega-6's and Omega-9's are being consumed when taking Joint Guard. Joint Guard also contains two proprietary blends which are not listed by amount. This can certainly be a problem in the case of herbal supplement such as evening Primrose oil. Although this oil is widely accepted as delivering omega-3s, most adults not need additional omega-3's in the form of evening Primrose oil. 

Additionally, any supplement which contains chondroitin sulfate usually contains products from shellfish, which can cause serious allergic reaction in a significant portion of the population. For those who are allergic to shellfish, Joint Guard is obviously not the best choice. It is especially important to pay attention to proprietary blends when individual ingredients are not listed by amount. The most serious concern is that other ingredients may be included, which are not listed, since the FDA does not regularly test every supplement for purity, and the factory conditions are unknown. 

Still, the primary concern for those who are considering taking Joint Guard is that it won't work. Joint Guard has some ingredients that are spread all across the spectrum of joint care, and very few of these ingredients are actually offered in the amounts necessary to make a difference in joint health. This may not be a problem for those not suffering from arthritis, but it is a significant consideration for those who depend on the purity of 
their joint supplements to maintain a quality of life.

In conclusion, there are three basic areas of concern when taking Joint Guard. The first and most serious is that this supplement contains such a large number of ingredients that most individuals should have some concern of an allergic reaction to any one of the ingredients. A doctor should always be consulted before taking something like Joint Guard. the second concern is that most of these ingredients are offered in such small amounts that they will not have any ability to change the nutritional environment of the joints themselves. The third concern is that Joint Guard simply may not work at all, and is therefore a waste of money and time. Many of the ingredients of Joint Guard have been proven to work in some circumstances, but usually do not establish superiority over placebo.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Massage for Relief from Arthritis Pain

An effective program aiming at providing symptomatic stabilization of arthritic condition requires a good blend of pharmacotherapy and physiotherapy. For people looking to pacify the functionally limiting joints pain, massage therapy is known to offer substantial and sustainable relief. In addition to easing pain and reducing disability, massage therapy is thought to speed up relief from arthritis pain. Massage therapy has been in use for getting relief from arthritis pain since ages and evidences exist in primitive literature about its vast use in such conditions.

By gentle kneading, careful rubbing, and calculative maneuvering of muscles and tissues, massage therapists aim to promote the restoring of dynamic circulation of the body’s joints and tissues, thus causing healing and relaxation. Although no concrete scientific evidence has surfaced about how massage therapy might help alleviate low back pain, its thought that massage may put a stop to pain signals sent to the brain and stimulate the brain's release of pain-reducing chemicals. Almost all the users claim immediate relief from arthritis pain when resorted to massage therapy, though the effects may soon disappear in some cases. Although research on massage therapy's effectiveness in treatment of back pain is somewhat limited, a number of studies have showed positive findings.

As of now, there are not many studies available which look in to the potential efficacy and effectiveness of massage therapy in providing relief from arthritis pain. However, two studies included in the 2009 review did compare two different massage techniques: One study deduced that acupuncture massage provided superior results than Swedish massage, while the other showed that Thai massage produced near similar results to Swedish massage. In the current scope, these studies do not provide a definite mandate to follow. In a research review published in 2009, 13 clinical trials were done and it was and found that massage might benefit patients with low back pain, especially when the therapy is used in combination with other therapeutic modes in synergy. The most positive finding of these scientific studies was that review's authors found that the beneficial effects of massage in providing relief from arthritis pain lasted at least one year after treatment had ended.

These days, many speculations have arisen over the effectiveness of massage therapy in joint pain conditions. In clinical practice guidelines developed by the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians, massage therapy is listed as one of the alternative therapies to mull over when relief from arthritis is not derived from conventional treatment. You must talk to your doctor in details about how to integrate massage therapy into your treatment program. It is important to have a precise idea of its scope, limitations and potential benefits. Your doctor will help you determine whether you are a good candidate for massage therapy for getting relief from arthritis pain.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Joint Advance Reviewed – How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

Joint Advance : What Are The Downsides of Taking Joint Advance?

There are relatively few downsides taking Joint Advance. Of course, many people believe that the enormous dosage which is suggested by many joint health supplements is overly large, since it must accommodate extremely large amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. In fact, the dosage of Joint Advance is itself three very large tablets which delivers 1500 mg glucosamine, 1200 mg of chondroitin, and 900 mg of MSM. The 300 remaining milligrams in Joint Advance may not actually have any effect as they contain vitamin C, Ginger, and white Willow bark extract, and this is a relatively small amount of herbal additives when compared to other supplements.

There is some possibility of allergic reaction to Joint Advance and to many of the ingredients within Joint Advance, especially since chondroitin sulfate is often acquired from shellfish. Vegetarians should also watch out for capsules which are composed gelatin, as these are usually made from animal derivatives. Since Joint Advance does not contain any minerals which are usually associated with overdose, such as zinc or copper, there is no danger of overdose here, although it is possible that by taking large amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin and MSM that kidney stones could develop in some cases. Usually, the best way to avoid digestive problems like kidney stones is to drink plenty of water. After all, one of the greatest concerns with joint health supplements like Joint Advance including glucosamine and chondroitin is that a large amount of the substances are simply not digested properly. Most of these substances are eliminated in waste, although approximately 20 to 30% of glucosamine and chondroitin make it into the bloodstream, and may actually end up nourishing some connective tissues. For the curious, this is usually the reason why the doses are so large.

In conclusion, most of the downsides of Joint Advance are seen in all similar supplements: the possibility of developing kidney stones as a result taking glucosamine and chondroitin and MSM or of possible allergic reaction to shellfish. There may also be some possibility of allergic reactions to the Ginger and white Willow bark extract in Joint Advance, although these are relatively benign ingredients and are found in a variety of ethnic cuisine as well as herbal supplements. Ultimately, this is a reliable supplement so long as it actually contains the ingredients which are listed on the label. You can never be too careful, but most households lack the chemistry necessary to test a supplement like Joint Advance. Look for FDA tests which show a complete chemical analysis if you have serious concerns, or consider contacting the FDA yourself.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Knee Joint Pain

The knee joint pain that one feels can be caused by certain reasons.  Often, to get the best treatments that will relieve you of the intense pain and strain you feel, you need to figure out the causes that led to it.  The best thing would be to consult the doctor and have them give you the right diagnosis by letting them take the necessary steps to cure the knee joint pain.  More than often, there are more than just one possible reason why the pain exists, and most of these reasons will have varying treatments for the knee joint pain.

One of the first areas of injuries you may have for the knee joint pain is referred to as the ligament injury.  This is the condition wherein the inner portions of the knees, where the ligaments area will tear apart.  Usually, the pain that one feels to these conditions is those that are typically felt but are sometimes hard to localize and find.  One of the typical kinds of the ligament knee joint pain is the collateral injuries that are felt either on the inside or outside of portions of the compartments of the knee.  Tenderness over the areas of the knee is often felt and will lead to the conditions.

A second cause of the knee joint pain is the meniscus tears.  These are the shearing forces of rotation that are applied on the sections of the knees in the sharp and rapid movements.  Thus, these rapid sets of movements will often lead to injuries that will tear apart the meniscus tissues.  This is a type of injury where the patient will feel a popping sensation every time there is that quick succession of motion.  More than often, this knee joint pain will come with the swelling and a certain warmness to the knees.

The third type of injury that can lead to the condition is referred to as tendinitis.  This knee joint pain usually occurs in the front of the knees, just below the kneecap section of the body part.  At times, this can also be felt on the back portion of the knees where the politeal tendon is located.  Inflammation of the tendons seems to be the primary cause of the knee joint pain.  People who feel such a condition are those that will typically have a hard time jumping as the strain on the knees will be way too much for the person to handle.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Flexicose Reviewed – How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

Is Flexicose For Humans Or Animals?

Because there seem to be hundreds of supplements which offer glucosamine and chondroitin, consumers immediately notice when one seems to stick out of the crowd. Flexicose certainly sticks out not only because it is a liquid supplement, but also because it is marketed for use by animals as well as people. Flexicose can be found packaged separately for animals in specialty pet stores, and is sold packaged for humans and pets online. Although Flexicose is relatively expensive for both humans and animals, it is a high quality joint supplement, and has been trusted by sufferers from joint pain for years.

In short, Flexicose is available for humans and animals  because there is very little change in formula, although it's not exactly the same.  You're not likely to find Flexicose at CVS, Walgreens, or any grocery store. However it is easy to find Flexicose online, or at specialty pet shops, especially where the joint health of animals is concerned. Animals certainly suffer as much from arthritis as humans do.

Whether or not Flexicose works equally for humans or animals has yet to be determined, since few large-scale tests for joint related delivery of chondroitin, MSM and glucosamine have been conducted for animals, at least concerning the specific proprietary blend which is provided by this brand. As to the question of whether or not Flexicose is safer for humans or animals, is relatively safe or both humans and animals people are frequently administer Flexicose to dogs, cats, and even horses if they are suffering from any kind of arthritis, or demonstrating lameness. Also, observing success with Flexicose in animals has encouraged the development of Flexicose for people. The development of this supplement for people is totally predicated on its successful and popular use for relieving joint pain in animals.

For those who are concerned about the quality of supplements intended for their animals, the standards used for human supplements are just as rigorous as they are animals. A loved animal should always receive a healthy profile of vitamins as well as nutrients to grow healthy connective tissues. This supplement is one of the few products that offers as much concern for the nutrition of animals as it does for human beings. Animal lovers will be glad to see that their needs are being met as well.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Flex Protex Reviewed – How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

What are the ingredients of Flex Protex?

The listed ingredients of Flex Protex are fairly difficult to explain. The listed ingredients are divided into two parts. The first part is a proprietary blend, and the second seems to be some vitamins which are thrown in for general health. These vitamins consist of vitamin C and vitamin D. Although vitamin C and vitamin D are effective for immune system health and the growth of bones, they are not necessarily what most customers look for when attempting to relieve joint pain, either caused by increased athletic athletic activity, or by serious forms of arthritis.What is of more concern to customers, there is very little explanation offered as to the ingredients of the proprietary blend of Flex Protex, so let's take a quick look at the ingredients of this proprietary blend and attempt to determine if any of these ingredients are effective joint care.

Firstly, the proprietary blend for Flex Protex is listed at nearly 1000 mg, which makes up the majority of the pill. These ingredients are listed as a form of glucosamine, rice flour, turmeric extract, primrose oil, chondroitin, green lipped mussel, and hyaluronic acid. Please note the green lipped mussel and hyaluronic acid are actually misspelled on the label. It is not clear if these spellings are meant to confuse customers of Flex Protex, remove liability, or simply as a sign of poor quality control. This is obviously a very bad sign.

Furthermore, it is telling that the actual ingredient amounts are not listed in the proprietary blend, although this is very important, it may not be immediately noticeable to all customers. Generally, the Flex Protex ingredients are listed in order of amount. However, the specific amounts are not listed, Therefore it can be assumed that there is an extremely small amount of chondroitin present, and perhaps larger amount of glucosamine. The presence of glucosamine and chondroitin suggest that Flex Protex may help the production of some cartilaginous tissue. However, the fact that the amount in the pills themselves is not stated, suggests that there may be no effect at all, even if Flex Protex is taken for years.

In conclusion, when asked the question, "what are the ingredients of Flex Protex?" the obvious answer is that we don't really know, since the label doesn't really say. The label lists several ingredients, most of which are probably actually the in the pill, but in unknown amounts. Since these amounts are not known, it cannot be said if there are non-listed ingredients, or ingredients in unknown amounts. Vegetable cellulose is also listed as ingredient, and this may act as filler to make up wait for the whatever space is not covered by the listed ingredients. Since these are very poor labeling and quality control practices, I suggest the buyer beware of taking Flex Protex.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cosamin Reviewed – How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

What Are The Ingredients Of Cosamin?

Among joint health and connective tissue supplements, the ingredients of Cosamin are a little bit difficult to interpret. First of all, the supplement facts begin with a breakdown of calories, sodium, and protein, which doesn't really say anything about the supplement value. Secondly, the second part of the ingredients, which contains the active ingredients is divided into three parts, which are easy to break breakdown but difficult to read. The first ingredient is called FCHG49, which is obviously a proprietary blend. This is then followed by the label of glucosamine HCL. Although the purity is listed at 91%, this is not something that is tested by the FDA, and is completely impossible to verify. Still, glucosamine is a standard ingredient for joint health supplements and contributes to the growth of cartilage and other connective tissues. The presence of this ingredient generally serves to support the idea that Cosamin does encourage joint health and elimination of pain caused by damage of connective tissue. Glucosamine is present at 1500 mg, which is a normal dose for glucosamine, and is similar to the amount found in other similar supplements.

The same argument can be made for the ingredient "sodium chondroitin," which is labeled TRH 122, another scientifically meaningless term. The element of moisture contained within the chondroitin is also listed on the Cosamin label, which is again meaningless to most consumers. The presence of chondroitin is generally considered to be getting a joint health supplement because, like glucosamine, chondroitin is necessary for the growth of connective tissues like cartilage, and does help to eliminate pain, if taken for a long period of time. Chondroitin is present in 800 mg which may be smaller than some other chondroitin supplements. The specific amount of chondroitin needed to be ingested in order to attain joint health varies from individual to individual, although the exact listing of milligrams is another point in favor of Cosamin's viability as a joint care product.

The third area of ingredients is called "ASU," which stands for avocado and soybean unsaponifiables. Even a cursory reading will show these ingredients to be present for the fatty acid content of both avocado and soybeans. Some similar supplements include ingredients like olive oil and avocado oil, in order to provide a satisfactory fatty acid profile. Green tea extract is also included in Cosamin, and this may cause some concern, as the introduction of caffeine in the the system increases heart rate, and causes other undesirable side effects.

Arthritis Pain Relief

If rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are two of the most common forms of the disease diagnosed, then a third more common form of the condition is gout.  Well, for most doctors they would list this is one of the most common, although the results would vary from one location to another.  Gout is considered as a kind of arthritis that also needs arthritis pain relief medications.  It comes with this burning and sudden pain that is often so intense that it will debilitate a person from walking.  Such sensations of discomfort are so intense that it will need the strongest arthritis pain relief treatment.  It happens repeatedly, which means you have to think about the arthritis pain relief treatments that work continuously over time.

When you think of the disease of arthritis, most professionals would state that the causes for such are not yet certain.  It goes to say that as these diseases are quite common, to fully establish a real reason for its presence in the body would be quite hard to do.  Nevertheless, you will still want to use the arthritis pain relief medications as the pain can be quite stressing.  However, for the gout types and kinds of conditions, it is stated that the disease is caused by too much uric acid in the body.  In some cases, the presence of the uric acid is not exactly harmful, and will not lead to the need for the arthritis pain relief.

On the occasions that the uric acid levels will become way too much, the body will create these elements into hard crystals that will be found in the joints.  Thus, it will be these crystals that will rub onto the joints and will cause the sensations that will need the arthritis pain relief treatments.  For those people that suffer from obesity and drink too much alcohol, it will mean the presence of gout, and will lead you to want arthritis pain relief.

Gout is an arthritis that often attacks during the nighttime and an often aching sharp pain on the big toe.  In some cases, the attacks for the feet will be on the foot, the knees and the ankles.  While there are some people who will take the drugs for arthritis pain relief, there are others that will simply let it go away.  However, it is a disease that has a higher probability of returning.  For this reason, the Arthritis Pain Relief drugs are not just enough for the condition.  It is essential that the uric acid content in the body must be treated to prevent it from returning.