Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flexicose - Reviews & Brand Information

What Are The Ingredients Of Flexicose?

The ingredients of Flexicose are divided into two basic areas. Although the exact amounts are difficult to determine based on the website information, many affiliates have posted an actual label which is present on the bottle itself. The first area of Flexicose ingredients includes a battery of vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Flexicose also contains manganese at 35% of the recommended daily value. The exact effect of a small amount of manganese on joint health is not specifically explained. We are meant to assume that vitamin deficiency may be the culprit in some mild cases of joint pain.

There is a proprietary formula contained within the liquid supplement Flexicose which consists of MSM, a blend of omega-3 fatty acids, the root Bromelain, and small amounts of other herbal extracts. The entire flexibility complex for the Flexicose proprietary formula comes to 1600 mg in a recommended dose. Since Flexicose is a liquid supplement, it is more likely to deliver consistent amounts of the proprietary blend than other solid forms. This not to say that Flexicose always delivers the claimed amount of nutrients or ingredients, but, as long as the directions are followed, it is very likely to contain the listed ingredients.

In general, the high level of glucosamine, at 1500 mg, which is listed separately from the "flexibility complex" does suggest that Flexicose delivers a high level glucosamine. Glucosamine is needed not only to build cartilaginous and connective tissues, but also to repair tissue which has been damaged over time. Because this damage can lead to inflammation, which is often diagnosed as arthritis pain, the high level of glucosamine present in Flexicose is very likely to create some relief if Flexicose is taken for one or two months at least. This may be the reason that Flexicose makers recommend a double dose during the first two weeks, as a significant amount of time is required to repair damaged tissues. 

Glucosamine is listed as a separate ingredient, and at a high amount, similar to may other joint health supplements. Less reputable glucosamine supplements fail to do so, or list glucosamine as part of a proprietary formula without listing the specific amount of glucosamine included. Since glucosamine is listed at 1500 mg, it is very likely that Flexicose is a dependable delivery method for glucosamine, and to the same extent for MSM, and omega-3 fatty acids, which also contribute not only to joint health, but also to the reconstruction of connective tissue.

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