Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arthri-Flex - Reviews & Brand Information

Who Makes Arthri-Flex, and Where Can I Buy It? 

Arthri-Flex is made by a company called 21st century. One convenient thing about Arthri-Flex is that it is available in all sorts retail stores. In fact, the label will be particularly familiar to those who shop at Walgreens and CVS.  There is a clear list of retailers on the Arthri-Flex website which includes Kmart, Kroger, and a variety of other popular retailers. Arthri-Flex may be purchased wherever other supplements are sold, including online. and eBay both offer Arthri-Flex, although there may be an additional cost for shipping, or perhaps additional discounts due to bulk purchases.

Actually selling in retail stores says a great deal for the quality of the quality of the ingredients in Arthri-Flex. Although retail stores do not individually test ingredients, they are less likely to carry supplements which have been pursued in court or found by the FDA to not include the ingredients which are listed in the supplement facts. Just because you read it on a label does not make it true.

Always pay special attention to the supplement facts on supplements like Arthri-Flex, because the supplements often contain a proprietary blend where the individual amounts of ingredients are not listed. In the case of Arthri-Flex, we're looking at a proprietary blend of "Flexicol" which weighs in at 40 mg. This is an extremely small amount for this kind of supplement, although many of the herbs contained in the proprietary blend are considered to be somewhat potent. Boswellia extract, grapeseed extract, and white willow bark extract are all crammed into 40 mg. Frankly, this proprietary blend probably has no effect at all on joint health, or the level of pain experienced by those who take Arthri-Flex in order to prevent arthritis, or in order to treat any kind of joint pain. Consider the enormous doses of glucosamine and MSM, both at 1500 mg. Most people are shocked at the size of these pills. The dosage here means that patrons have to take four pills every day. Since the effects of these enormous doses are not felt, how could an herbal ingredient at 40 mg which has not been proven create any effect at all?

In conclusion, despite the fact that Arthri-Flex is found in stores, there are some concerns as to the ingredients, many of which seem to be included simply as tools of marketing. It is basically unlikely that "premium chicken sternum" will have any positive effect on the pain experienced by sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, or other more serious forms of arthritis. This pain can be extremely severe and, even if glucosamine and MSM and chondroitin were to work to relieve suffering, the kind of improvement which is required by these individuals requires greatly improving the immune system, which is simply not offered by supplement like Arthri-Flex.

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