Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Arthritis Pain Relief

The rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that has no known cure.  There many treatments that will lead to the arthritis pain relief, but technically there are no medications that will totally remove the presence of the disease from the body.  As much as there are others who want to bring in a definite resolution and get the permanent arthritis pain relief, there will be none in the market.  The main intention of the Arthritis pain relief medications is not to just bring in about a release of the pain.  Instead, it is also meant to bring in a decrease to the overall inflammation of the joints.

The optimal treatments that will bring in Arthritis Pain Relief are usually a combination of several methods and techniques.  Often, as the patient will want to get the strongest arthritis pain relief medication, it will be one that works to give you better movements.  There are generally two classes of the arthritis pain relief medications in the market, and these drugs are the fast acting or first in-line medications and the slow acting or second in-line drugs.  The first types will promote the arthritis pain relief and reduction of inflammation while the second type works to get the disease under remission and will stop the destruction of the joints.  

The first in-line medications for the arthritis pain relief are those referred to as the NSAIDS or the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  These medications for the arthritis pain relief work generally to give the reduction on the pain, the inflammation and the swellings in the joints.  One of the medications that belong to this group is Aspirin.  However, to be effective Arthritis Pain Relief as this must be taken in high amounts of dosage to have an effect in reducing the pain.  Some of the side effects that are that noted to be from the use of the NSAIDS include the ulcer and stomach acid.  

DMARDS or the disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs are considered to be the second in-line medications.  These treatments are more than just the typical arthritis pain relief medications.  These are those drugs that will work against the progress of the immune system in attacking tissues, which often leads to the rheumatoid arthritis.  Immunosuppressive medications are also a term that is applied for these Arthritis Pain Relief drugs.  It works to suppress the action of the immune system, which prevents it from giving pain to the person.  However, the suppression of the system may make you susceptible to other diseases and infections.

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