Sunday, March 10, 2013

Massage for Relief from Arthritis Pain

An effective program aiming at providing symptomatic stabilization of arthritic condition requires a good blend of pharmacotherapy and physiotherapy. For people looking to pacify the functionally limiting joints pain, massage therapy is known to offer substantial and sustainable relief. In addition to easing pain and reducing disability, massage therapy is thought to speed up relief from arthritis pain. Massage therapy has been in use for getting relief from arthritis pain since ages and evidences exist in primitive literature about its vast use in such conditions.

By gentle kneading, careful rubbing, and calculative maneuvering of muscles and tissues, massage therapists aim to promote the restoring of dynamic circulation of the body’s joints and tissues, thus causing healing and relaxation. Although no concrete scientific evidence has surfaced about how massage therapy might help alleviate low back pain, its thought that massage may put a stop to pain signals sent to the brain and stimulate the brain's release of pain-reducing chemicals. Almost all the users claim immediate relief from arthritis pain when resorted to massage therapy, though the effects may soon disappear in some cases. Although research on massage therapy's effectiveness in treatment of back pain is somewhat limited, a number of studies have showed positive findings.

As of now, there are not many studies available which look in to the potential efficacy and effectiveness of massage therapy in providing relief from arthritis pain. However, two studies included in the 2009 review did compare two different massage techniques: One study deduced that acupuncture massage provided superior results than Swedish massage, while the other showed that Thai massage produced near similar results to Swedish massage. In the current scope, these studies do not provide a definite mandate to follow. In a research review published in 2009, 13 clinical trials were done and it was and found that massage might benefit patients with low back pain, especially when the therapy is used in combination with other therapeutic modes in synergy. The most positive finding of these scientific studies was that review's authors found that the beneficial effects of massage in providing relief from arthritis pain lasted at least one year after treatment had ended.

These days, many speculations have arisen over the effectiveness of massage therapy in joint pain conditions. In clinical practice guidelines developed by the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians, massage therapy is listed as one of the alternative therapies to mull over when relief from arthritis is not derived from conventional treatment. You must talk to your doctor in details about how to integrate massage therapy into your treatment program. It is important to have a precise idea of its scope, limitations and potential benefits. Your doctor will help you determine whether you are a good candidate for massage therapy for getting relief from arthritis pain.

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