Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pain Relief from Arthritis

When you need to have the pain relief from arthritis, you need to think about the type of condition you have.  There are two major types of arthritis diseases, and these are the osteoarthritis and the rheumatoid arthritis.  Of these two, the condition of the OA or osteoarthritis seems to be one condition you can work with better.  While the actual causes of the OA is not yet proven and sure, there are still some factors you need to take note of in order to get the best pain relief from arthritis.  Otherwise, the medications you will be using will be worthless as it will not affect you in any way.

One of the first factors that will matter with the medications to get pain relief from arthritis is age.  When a person age with time, the cushions or the cartilages will often become thin, and will lead to the wear and tear that leads to the condition.  Nevertheless, it is important to remember that there are others that do not technically suffer from these ailments, and will not have the need for the medications to get pain relief from arthritis.  For those that have done plenty of physical labor in their lifetimes, it is more likely they will be the ones suffering from the condition more.

Obesity is another factor for the occurrence of the disease.  If one needs pain relief from arthritis, it would be more possible to work with the weight issues.  As a matter of fact, weight is also a reason for the presence of osteoarthritis in the person.  The knees are the parts of the body that carry the most weight, and will be the body parts that will be in need of stronger pain relief from arthritis.  Studies have shown that for every pound you add to your weight, you will have an additional four pounds of pressure onto the knees.

Genetics also play a major role in the factors that lead to the appearance of the disease.  For those that have ancestors or relatives that have the OA, they have a higher probability of needing the pain relief from arthritis.  Bone abnormalities are also conditions that are sometimes inherited and will add a basis for the presence of the pain relief from arthritis medications.  Joints that are not smoothly joined will also have some problems with the Osteoarthritis.  Basically, the conditions of the overall body will depend on these factors and how the body will react to the medications that will get you pain relief from arthritis.

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