Wednesday, January 27, 2016

5 Arthritis Symptoms to Look Out for Now

As the world advances, there are many changes that accompany the advancement ranging from cultural to social status and standards. Most people are now more occupied with they work and often forget about the importance of practicing healthy dieting habits and engaging in routine workout. Engaging in such healthy lifestyle habits is not only helpful in toning your body weight and helping you attain and maintain a sound physical condition but also helps improve your overall health and wellbeing. There are various symptoms closely associated with arthritis that include swelling and joint pain. Although pain in the joints is closely associated with arthritis, it does not necessarily imply that you are suffering from arthritis if you experience pain in the joints after a period or session of workout. Therefore, it is always important to visit your doctor for further investigation and appropriate advice if your experience pain in the joints and the back after a period or workout.

Arching joints
Joint pain and swelling are some of the most common signs and symptoms of arthritis. But you should keep in mind that not all joint pains are caused by arthritis. Before concluding that the joint pain you are experiencing is caused by arthritis, seek appropriate medical examination. There are various causes of achy and swollen joints such as genetics, obesity, injuries and old age but among people suffering from arthritis they experience frequent and reoccurring joint pain. Joint pain and inflammation can be a source of great discomfort throughout your entire day. Although there is no specific cure for arthritis caused joint pain and inflammation, it is very important to engage in lifestyle habits and activities that work to reduce the effects of joint pain and inflammation to improve the quality of your life.

You feel an odd numb or tingling feeling in the hands
According to most arthritis specialists, arthritis is a disease that significantly affects your joints and muscles causing joint pain and inflammation. Severe joint inflammation presses major nerves that pass through your joint. Inflammation on your arm joint puts pressure on the nerves heading to your arms thus producing a feeling or sensation similar to numbness. In addition, the inflammation may also compress your blood veins therefore inhibiting sufficient blood flow and circulation to your hands hence producing a numbness sensation. This is the reason behind arthritic people clenching and unclenching their hands in an effort to relieve the numbness sensation.

Stiff joints
In the past, people were not aware of the causes and treatment of arthritis, but with the recent global arthritis awareness, most people now understand various causes and treatments of various types of arthritis. In addition, people are now able to differentiate between the signs and symptoms of various types of arthritis and other diseases. Waking up in the morning experiencing achy and stiff body is another major sign of arthritis. The arthritis affects your joints and dries them off their lubricating fluids hence increasing their chances of tear and wear. Therefore, you experience body pain and stiffness when you sit for long hours or when your sleep. Hence, moving your body after a long period of rest is a major complication among arthritic patients. It important to take some movement breaks especially for people who are engaged in stationary workplaces to facilitate some body movements to prevent the effects of signs and symptoms of common types of arthritis.

Your injuries take an excessive amount of time to heal
Your body heals wounds and injuries through a self-regeneration process. Using the nutrients obtained from the food you eat, you body is able to rebuild or regenerate itself and effectively heal wound and injuries. But the inflammation on the joints may inhibit your body’s ability to effectively regenerate and heal wounds and injuries. But you are not supposed to solely depend on this sign as a sufficient proof that you are suffering from arthritis. In addition, you may feel as though you have injured yourself even though you haven’t when you are suffering from arthritis.

Locked joints
Arthritis is a disease that commonly affects various joints in your body. Therefore, it is bound to induce many joint-related complications of which there is no specific cure but procedures to help reduce the pain and inflammation. Among most arthritic people, locked or frozen joints are common phenomena. This inhibits your ability to bend effectively. All types of arthritis affect you joints hence causing various joint-related complications. Therefore, it is important to engage in various activities that facilitate joint movements to reduce the effects of locked and frozen joints. Exercise serves as one of the best arthritis pain relief procedure.

It is very important to keep watch of your health at all times. To maintain an overall health condition, you have to equally take care of your inner health as you take care of your physical health trough engaging in healthy eating habits. Most people suffering from arthritis shy off from participating in physical exercises due to the negative side effects such as joint and back pain, fatigue, muscle weakness and soreness associated with exercising. Therefore, it is critical to seek your doctor’s or therapist’s advice on the appropriate exercise to help reduce the effects of signs and symptoms of arthritis.


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